Thursday, March 15, 2018

Commercial Interior Double Doors

Commercial interior double doors the active door of the pair is typically prepped for a locking device, such as a lockset or exit device. The inactive door (or fixed door) is prepped for flush bolts (top and bottom) and includes an astragal, which covers or closes the gap between the edges of the doors. Push/pull hardware is required to make both doors active.

There are numerous companies that advertise they are reputable and can provide good commercial interior double doors but there are companies that take short cuts and cut corners to save money by not paying top dollar for skilled labor. These companies are actually using the cheapest labor to install or sell you commercial interior double doors to obtain more profit. While this can be good for their company it may not be good news for the customer. This is reason enough to look for a good and reliable door contractor who can meet if not exceed your expectations when it comes to commercial door installation.

Take note that improper installation will either lead to problems with your new door if not now then in the future. When those problems arise, more often than not, you’ll be left with the bill to fix them. Also, another very real concern is that many sub contractors are not insured. This means that if one of their employees is injured at your home, you are left holding the medical bills so be careful when purchasing or installing commercial interior double doors.

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